Upcoming Competitions:

Wodfest In The Wild - August 2, 2014 (Port Jervis, NY)

Tired of competing indoors?  Wodfest In The Wild is the ultimate outdoor fitness competition!  Located on 500 acres of land 70 miles northwest of NYC, Wodfest has Scaled and RX divisions for individuals and teams.  Tap your inner beast, click the link and register for this early August Throwdown.

The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games - July 25 - 27, 2014 (Carson, California)

The fittest athletes on the planet all gathered in one arena - what more could you ask for?  Apparently not much, because tickets for the three day event sold out within minutes of going on sale.  What's a fitness cult junkie to do?  Keep your eyes peeled for another release of tickets as we get closer to the competition date.  The organizers have released extra tickets before previous events but they go quickly.  Find yourself a lives stream feed if you can't get your hands on these highly coveted tickets. 

FBF Summer Showdown - July 12, 2014 (Brooklyn, NY)

This battle in Brooklyn features 3 WODs and a bonus round for the finalists.  There are RX and Scaled divisions for men and women with trophies and sponsored giveaways on the line.  Registration for participants is closed, but feel free to drop by and show your support for these athletes!

Affiliate Throwdown League - Begins June 15, 2014 (Local participating boxes)

Think your box is awesome and everyone else's box sucks?  The Affiliate Throwdown League is your chance to prove it.  If you have three guys, three girls and a box, register your team and show everyone that you've got the best CrossFit affiliate around.


Past Competitions:

 Super Steelfit Championship - June 21, 2014 (Jenkinson's Beach, NJ)

(Our blog posts with results) This is the big one!  Ok, maybe this isn't The CrossFit Games or American Ninja Warrior but The Steelfit Games are one of the top regional competitions in the country.  After months of qualifiers the Championship round is finally here.  Make the trip out to Jenkinson's Beach New Jersey to see some of the top athletes in the Northeast square off in one final grudge match. 

Mayhem in the Meadowlands - May 3, 2014   (Our Blog Post Recap)

The Basics:

"Throwdown" is a relatively new term that describes independently run CrossFit style fitness competitions.  They usually consist of several events that test a competitor's strength, speed, stamina and overall fitness.  Unlike Powerlifting and Weightlifting, the disciplines tested vary by competition and are generally not disclosed until the day of the event.  

Throwdown activities can include combinations of:

  • Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Gymnastics movements (pull-ups, muscle-ups, etc.)
  • Monstructural (rowing, running)
  • Skills (double unders, rope climbs)

Venues for Throwdowns vary from informal events at small gyms to large scale events like the CrossFit games with prizes in excess of $250K.


Due to the breadth of skills tested and the unpredictability of events, training for Throwdowns requires athletes to gain competence across a wide variety of skills instead of specializing in one skill or movement.  Some athletes train at home following a set program like the daily WOD posted on or their own custom programming.  A large number of athletes train at CrossFit affiliates or other small independent gyms that give them access to equipment  that will be used at Throwdowns. Workouts are relatively intense and are completed three to five times per week. 

Getting Started:

The easiest way to start training for Throwdowns is to join a quality CrossFit affiliate and begin working on all aspects of strength speed and conditioning.  Athletes with previous experience in Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics or Rowing should have an easier time preparing for their first event.  Extreme proficiency in any one of these disciplines does not ensure success though as athletes will need to move outside their comfort zones to acquire new skills. 


Potential athletes should own or have access to the following:

  • Running Shoes/Olympic lifting shoes
  • Olympic Bar and Bumper plates
  • Medicine Ball (20lbs for men, 14lbs for women)
  • Jump Rope (preferably a speed rope)
  • Ab Mat 
  • Pull-Up Station
  • Olympic Rings
  • Climbing Rope (15 feet standard)
  • Kettlebells (1.5/2.0 pood for men, 1.0/1.5 pood for women)
  • Box Jump Box
  • Concept II Rower

The above list illustrates why it is cost effective (at least in the short run) to join a gym that has this equipment rather than purchasing it independently.  Most gyms that feature this equipment cost upwards of several hundred dollars a month, so it could make sense to set up your own home gym if you plan on competing in Throwdowns for several years.