Athlete Of The Week - August 25, 2015


Why we chose Laurel:

Whether it's on the soccer field or in the weight room Laurel always gives it her all.  She can pull a 335 lb deadlift and is very quietly becoming one of the best athletes in the Northeast.   You've got to love a woman who puts her head down and gets after it even when no one else is looking.  Scroll down to read more about her!

Laurel Clean
Laurel Beach
Laurel Bison

More About Laurel:

Where do you train?

I train mainly at Crossfit Bison and coach/train part-time at Crossfit Englewood

Favorite quotes:

I actually have 3 favorite quotes

"Be a light in the darkness"

"Do what you love, love what you do"

"We're all mad here" (stole it from Alice and Wonderland in case you didn't notice)

Favorite exercise & lift:

My favorite lift is the clean

My favorite workout - any hero WOD. I love honoring fallen soldiers

Least favorite exercise & lift:

My least favorite lift...hmm..I don't think I have a least favorite. I love lifting stuff. My least favorite workout would be anything involving burpees or thrusters. So essentially the open workout 14.5. 

Biggest athletic accomplishment:

My biggest overall athletic accomplishment is being honored as a Scholar All-American in college soccer and playing semi-pro for 2 seasons. 

My biggest CrossFit accomplishment so far is this past open. I was top 3.5% in my region and in the world. 

Biggest athletic goal:

I would have to say making it to the CrossFit Games. I know that's a hefty and incredibly difficult goal to reach, but with time, dedication, and training it may be feasible in a few years. First! To make it to regionals by, hopefully, 2017/18.