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Your Friends Think You Are Crazy

"You're doing what this weekend?"

We hear that a lot, and I'm guessing that if you are reading this page you hear that a lot too.  Tell someone that you are going to sit in a bar, drink ten beers and watch five guys you don't know play basketball for a school you didn't attend, hey no problem.  That's normal!  Tell that same person that you are going to compete in a weightlifting event or run a fifty mile ultra marathon and they'll most likely call you crazy.  At Fitness Cult Chronicles we think that watching other people compete is great, but living is about doing.  For a healthy life, your own favorite athlete should be you.



Coach DBJ

A legend in his own mind, Coach DBJ is a testament to what one man can accomplish with a set of cartoon arms and a wifebeater.  He is a former college baseball player, current CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer.

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The brains behind the operation.  LR has the thankless job of keeping the staff of Fitness Cult Chronicles from slacking off.  She also has mutant climbing abilities.  An odd combination of skills that, sadly, will not land her in the X-Men franchise.  Thank god she has Fitness Cult Chronicles to fall back on. 

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 Check out that vein bro...

Check out that vein bro...

Ali S.

Once a competitive dancer, Ali S. traded in her tap dance shoes for olympic lifters and Reebok nanos.  She enjoys box hopping and WODing at CrossFit affiliates across the country.  Don't let her height fool you - this one is a handful.  

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 You have a handstand addiction Ali - please seek help.

You have a handstand addiction Ali - please seek help.




Former Division 1 College Rower, CrossFit Level 1 trainer and recently completed the CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer Course.

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Allison Brager

Scientist, Former Division I Athlete, CrossFit Games Athlete and author of the book Meathead: Unraveling The Athletic Brain.  Whew, that was a mouthful!  Why does Allison do such a wide range of cool stuff?  Because she can't sing and dance.  Just kidding - she can do that too.  

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Allison Brager

:: THE TEAM ::


More a force of nature than an actual human.  Nicole can do anything that you can do, just better.  Seventh place finisher at the 2014 SteelFit Championships.  

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