Fitness Tips And Tricks For The Everyday Athlete

General Fitness:

Skill Progression

Learning new skills in the gym takes time, dedication and patience.  This section has tips that will be helpful regardless of what skill you are working on.

There Is No Magic To Skill Progression


Hand Protection

Torn Calluses and other hand injuries can make your workouts unpleasant or put you on the sidelines for a couple of weeks.  Healthy hands are happy hands.

Win The War On Calluses


The Right Gear

Gym Bag Essentials

Having the right gear can help turn a terrible workout experience into an awesome one.  Check out our recommendations on fitness items from jump ropes to knee socks.

Must Haves For Your Gym Bag



Gym Skills:


Do you skip the WOD every time you see the word "row"?  Do you sit there in disbelief as your friends hop off the erg and run over to do push presses while you still have 100 meters to go?  Read KB's latest article on rowing to improve your form and shave seconds off your time!

A Rower's Guide To Conquering The Erg


Double Unders

Learning double unders should be a treat not a chore!

7 Tips For Double Under Glory


Rope Climbing

In a CrossFit Cult or a Spartan Race Cult?  Then you're probably going to need to climb a rope at some point.

Rope Climb Like A Champion


Pull Ups

Pull ups are one of the most functional movements in the gym.  Don't spend months swinging from a band - learn to do real pull ups!

Friends Don't Let Friends Do Band Assisted Pullups

The 30 Day Pull Up Challenge

There's nothing more frustrating than having to swing your way through a toes to bar WOD.  Check out these tips to help you go from Toes To Bar Zero to Toes To Bar Hero!

Toes To Bar Rescue