Alternative Sports And Fitness For The Everyday Athlete



If you think the only reason to do you Yoga is to meet women in tight pants you're wrong (well, mostly wrong).  Despite being low impact, Yoga provides an intense workout that provides physical, mental and spiritual benefits.  Don't take our word for it - check out our interview with rising Yoga star Melissa Krieger:  

Yoga And Fitness With Melissa Krieger


Pure Barre

    What Are They Looking At?


What Are They Looking At?

Ever watch Dancing With The Stars and wish that you had a body like a professional dancer?  Pure Barre gives you a full body workout by focusing on isometric movements around a ballet barre.  Don't be fooled though - this is a lot harder than drunk dancing at your sister's wedding.  See our full write up here:

It's 5:00 Somewhere - Meet Me At The Barre






SurfSET Fitness

 Pick Your Poison...

Pick Your Poison...

This innovative fitness program allows you to get all the physical benefits of surfing without facing riptides, frigid water or the threat of being eaten by a Tiger Shark.  The class centers around movements on an innovative floor mounted "surfboard" that provides strength, coordination and cardiovascular benefits.  See our full writeup here: 

 Why We Love SurfSET Fitness


Rock Climbing

 Coach DBJ Making Sure The Wall Is Doing Its Job

Coach DBJ Making Sure The Wall Is Doing Its Job

Coach DBJ has loved Rock Climbing ever since Stallone released "Cliffhanger" in 1992.  Rock Climbing can be done either outdoors or in indoor facilities with custom made rock walls.  It is an amazing full body strength and endurance workout but doesn't provide much cardiovascular benefit.  We like Rock Climbing once a month to switch things up from weightlifting.  Read about our first Rock Climbing experience here:




 Extra points for the mustache

Extra points for the mustache

Originally practiced by upper class gentlemen in England during the early 1900's, Bartitsu combines jujitsu, boxing, wrestling and the use of one's surroundings as a defense against ruffians and scoundrels.  After more than a century of languishing in obscurity, Bartitsu clubs are beginning to pop up all over the United States.  Read our exclusive interview with The Director of the New York Bartitsu Club Rachel Klingberg here:  

This Victorian Era Martial Art Is making A Comeback



Hooping is a recent craze that (you guessed it) uses a hula hoop to give you an amazing workout.  We didn't know that you could Hula yourself to a hot beach body until we saw some of the videos.  The Hooping community is very tight knit and cult-ish in a good way.  Top performers have a strong following among other "hoopsters" due in large part to the insane tricks they can perform.  Check out our awesome hooping resources!

Overview Of Hooping

Interview with Hooper and Music Video star Katie Sunshine 


Aerial Arts

    Don't Let Ali S. See This - We'll Never Get Her Down


Don't Let Ali S. See This - We'll Never Get Her Down

Admit it - when you were a kid you wanted to hop a freight train, leave your cares behind and join the circus.  Then you grew up, sold out and decided that life as an accountant would be a little easier to handle than living on the road as a hobo trapeze artist.  Thanks to Aerial Arts you no longer have to live a sad unfulfilled life of regret.   Most of their classes focus on physically demanding above the ground skills such as trapeze and silk climbing.  You can read our exclusive Q&A with Aerial Arts Instructor Ben Franklin (not the founding father) here: 

Take Your Fitness Routine To a New Level


Ninja Warrior Training

Train like a modern day ninja and fill the hole in your life that was left by the cancellation of Guts!  Training for American Ninja Warrior is a full body experience that  combines elements of climbing, running, parkour and gymnastics.  Contestants train for years to gain the grip strength and coordination to compete.  Interested in beginning your own Ninja Warrior journey?  Check out our article here:

Train Like a Modern Day Ninja


Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing is an amazing full body workout that builds strength and coordination while burning calories.  There is als vibrant pole dancing community complete with competitions, prizes and pole dancing superstars.  Luckily you don't need to get showered in gin and dollar bills to experience the benefits of pole dancing.  Looking to get started? Check out our article here:

5 Things You Didn't Know About Pole Dancing


Survivalist Fitness

EJ Skullcrusher Snyder

Anyone who has seen "Naked and Afraid", "Man vs. Wild" or any other outdoor survival show knows that staying alive in the wilderness takes a high level of fitness.  Want some insights into Survivalist Fitness?  Check out our interview with "Naked and Afraid" star EJ "Skullcrusher" Snyder here:

Surviving "Naked and Afraid"