Welcome to the Jungle

by Coach DBJ in


Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines a cult as being "a small group of very devoted supporters or fans." Now, we're not talking about any Tom Cruise Scientology type of cult here...Fitness Cult Chronicles is comprised of decent to average athletes....wait, who am I kidding? Excellent and above average athletes whose goal is to debunk fitness cult myths one blog post at a time.

Whether you're training for the next SoulCycle de France, own your very own set of P90X DVDs (and actually use them), know what the hell a CrossFit "WOD" is, or are training to take on Zydrunus Savickas in the next World's Strongest Man competition...chances are you're in the right place.

Each week we'll report on popular workouts and events around the country and allow your voice to be heard. So, are you a member of a "fitness cult?" If so, this is your place to speak your mind, and hey, maybe you'll get some more converts along the way...

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