Pumpkin Protein Bars Anyone?

by LR in

No, these are not those kind of brownies...

Healthy Food Doesn't Mean Gross Food

Our own LR stopped lifting heavy things this weekend long enough to try out a new pumpkin protein bar recipe from Jamie Eason.  We were all a little skeptical when LR showed up to the gym with a tray of these bars in hand.  I mean, this is definitely a girl who is known more for her burpees  than her baking.  

Remind me never to doubt her cooking skills again.  We all agree - these things are AWESOME. Give pumpkin protein bars a try if you like cooking and working out.  Just be mindful of any food allergies that you may have, and please refrigerate after making as these contain no preservatives. 

You can find Jamie Eason's recipe and cooking directions for Pumpkin Protein Bars here.

Do you have any favorite fitness baked goods that you want to share?  Post recipes in the comments section and we'll give them a try!