Why We Love SURFSET Fitness (And You Should, Too!)

by Coach DBJ in ,

Ready to channel your inner Kelly Slater without even squeezing into a wetsuit? It's time you heard about SURFSET Fitness - one of the latest fitness alternatives to your standard Globo Gym sweeping the country. Featured on popular programs such as Shark Tank and Good Morning America, SURFSET Fitness classes are popping up all across the U.S and don't appear to be losing any steam in their mission to challenge the human body in new and inventive ways.

If you're like most Americans whose typical gym experience yields little more than frustration and an automatic debit of $25 every month, SURFSET Fitness focuses on a full body approach that builds balance, core strength, agility and conditioning. Even if you don't plan on ever transitioning to full-water surfing, the board that is used truly mimics the experience, and is a great alternative for those who are in need of a low impact, high intensity workout.  Although classes are generally 45 to 60 mins, prices do vary by location. If you're still not convinced that SURFSET is the right workout for you, we encourage you to visit their website and watch the video below for more information: